Chat Companion Mod by SimJoo

The Chat Companion Mod is a mod that adds a chatbot to Minecraft! You can use it in Singleplayer as a friend to talk to, and use it in Multiplayer to handle your responses to the other players. This is useful if you want a friend to talk to that doesn't grief your house all the time, or if you are a server moderator and just want to play the game and not having to answer annoying kids asking for op and stuff.

1. Installation
This is a forge mod! You can just drag it into your forge "mods" folder and it'll work! Don't have forge yet? Don't worry, here's a tutorial.

2. Use it in a server!
´╗┐To use this mod in a server you first need to setup some things. The first thing you wanna do in a server with multiple people online is press the U key. This way people will now you're talking to them. Another thing you need to setup is the online message mode with the L key. For example, if in your server someone chats in the following format:
Name: Message
Then you need to set the message mode to the right mode for the bot to be able to react to this. Also, if there's no message mode working in the server you're in, please send me the ip in the comments and I will add it to the list.

Here's a tutorial video on that!

3. Shortkeys
The different shortkeys in the Chat Companion Mod are:
Change Online Message Mode - L - See my other video for an explanation on this
React to self in online - K - Toggle if the bot is going to react to your own messages in servers
Reset Bot Thought - I - The bot will learn from you as you talk with him. Wanna set him back to a stupid bot? Press I and all his thoughts will be reset!
Toggle Chatbot Type - O - There are 5 different ChatBots. The smart multilingual, the english, the boyfriend, the spirit and the german bot. This is useful to for instance lock the bot's language to english, as the multilingual bot might mix languages sometimes.
Toggle on/off - P - Toggle the whole mod on or off
Toggle Targeted Responses - U - It will now tell to whom the message in sent to by adding @[Target] to the beginning of the message.

Here's a tutorial video on that!

Download 1.8.9

Download 1.8

Download 1.7.10